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WREV Pictures

John Compton, owner of Compton TV Service in Reidsville is pictured with The White Oak Mountain Boys during a broadcast on WREV. John, who is the father of Dave and Rob Compton, is the gentleman holding his guitar. Mr. Compton passed away this year. 

Caroll Elliott, known as Don on the air, worked at WREV and hosted "The Bluegrass Showdown." He was also a former manager of WRNC. He and his wife  Linda attended the WREV Reunion a few years ago, where this picture was taken (photo courtesy of Carolyn Echols) . We also lost Mr. Elliott earlier this year.

From Rob Compton, a picture circa 1983 of Rob and Moon Mullins getting ready for the "flea market of the air" program as Moon prepares for his popular "What's on Your Mind?" show.

WREV/WWMO buildings 2012

WREV personnel

WREV transmitter room (#1)  1951 (photo courtesy of Rick Freeman)
WREV transmitter room (#2)  1951 (photo courtesy of Rick Freeman)
Dave Compton   WWMO  1977  (photo courtesy of Dave Compton)
Andy Johnson  WWMO  1975  (photo courtesy of Dave Compton)
WWMO automation rack  (photo courtesy of Dave Compton)

Mark Childrey age 15

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