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WREV-FM Reidsville gets a new FM  from 1947 Reidsville Review   WREV pt 1     WREV pt 2   (courtesy of Jack Freeman)
Charles Slate would manage the new station to be built on property on the Danville Road. The sales points about FM reception (pt 2) are fascinating.

WREV newspaper ad promoting a 1977 Bumper Sticker contest  (courtesy of Rick Freeman)
WREV newspaper ad promoting Earl Burton and his weathercasts  (courtesy of Rick Freeman)
WREV tower December 2013 with buzzards...likely a bad omen since nobody is home   (courtesy of Rick Freeman)

Reidsville Review article about the WREV 2007 Reunion  Part 1    Part 2       (courtesy of Jack Freeman)
A video of the event produced by Mark Childrey and Star News is available on YouTube   (www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDCgyhf-eys) . You can copy and paste to get to it, or enter "2007 WREV Reunion" in the YouTube search box.
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