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Does anyone remember what wayback machine used this item? Mike Moore had one and we took pictures of it.  view 1   view 2   view 3
Here are the specs for the machine circa 1960.  page 1   page 2   Bob Crews used one at WSTP in Salisbury. As with many good ideas, there were unintended
consequences. It contained 100 tracks with 90 seconds of audio per track and took forever to rewind, plus the tape often rolled off it's spindle much as an old pull-up shade. It then had to be put back on manually. Keep in mind that songs averaged about 2:30 or less in those days!

WMYN business card
   (courtesy of Mike Moore)
WMYN letterhead sample 1   (courtesy of Mike Moore)
WMYN letterhead sample 2   (courtesy of Mike Moore)

WMYN frequency information
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