Mid Carolina Radio

WLOE Pictures

WLOE/WEAF envelope 1972   (courtesy of Wes Jones)

Doc Holliday WLOE 1978
  Now known as Cj, Doc worked weekends at WLOE in 1978
Doc Holliday WLOE 1978 2nd angle  (both photos courtesy of Cj Holliday) 

By 1974, Frank Dwyer and Joe Zanetti had moved on from WCBX. Frank was doing mornings at WFRC and had invested in The Eden Bicycle Shop. Joe was in sales at WLOE. Frank and Joe Picture 1 shows some serious negotiating. Frank and Joe Picture 2 has Joe considering buying a bike. Frank said he bought 10 second spots and wanted Bob Fahnrich to do them live on WLOE's morning show because he knew Bob always embellished things considerably when he was asked to do a live spot.

Andy Pettigrew  1979  (courtesy Frank Dwyer)

Jay Carneal 2012
Mike Moore then and now

Mike Moore and WLOE

More WLOE personnel 1979

WLOE 1979  Frank Dwyer, Pat Boardman and Ted Melnick

Joe Donnlin in Frank Dwyer's office 1979 (photo courtesy of Frank Dwyer)

Manager Bob Chambers and Sales Rep Vernell Mitchell (photo courtesy of Fran Dwyer) 
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