Mid Carolina Radio


WLOE signed on the air December 20, 1946 with 100 watts on 1490. The station was licensed to Leaksville before Leaksville, Draper and Spray merged into Eden in 1967. The call letters stood for “Wonderful Land of Eden”, a description given to the area by explorer William Byrd in the nineteenth century. The studios and transmitter were originally located “on the busy Boulevard” in Spray. Doug Craddock was President and General Manager, Dallas Gwynn was the Commercial Manager and Charles Slate was Program Director  WLOE-FM was added March 20, 1949  at 92.7 and later moved to 94.5. Its call letters eventually became WEAF.


In 1972, the stations were sold and Jack Brown became President of the company. Dave Bolick was the General Manager and Mike Moore joined the station as News Director. Mike and Annette Moore run the station today (2011), simulcasting its talk and religious programming during the day with WMYN (1420). Talk programming continues at night after WMYN signs off the air.  

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(photo courtesy of Frank Dwyer)


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