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WFRC Jack Freeman describes how he got started at WREV and then was hired at WFRC. Jack was still in high school while working for WREV, then received TWO job offers at graduation.

WFRC Jack Freeman talks about living in the 4-room apartment at the WFRC transmitter site. The salary and free living quarters turned out to be quite a perk for the newlyweds. See WFRC Pictures for photos of the apartment, transmitter room and exterior of the building.

WFRC Jack Freeman remembers some of the people who first worked at WFRC    He mentioned a picture he had of Forrest Bedell.
WFRC could this be the first simulcast in Rockingham County? Jack Freeman thinks it might have been. It involved WREV-FM and Bill Diffee at WFNS in Burlington.

WFRC Jack Freeman attends the WFRC (WRNC) auction in 1992 and mentions the  Ampex 601 that 5-year od Rick used to record  Jack's show intro .
The old workhorse that represents the recorders so many of us used in our radio careers is now on display in Rick's in-home studio.

WFRC jingles

Eric Clark WFRC air check June 1974

Eric Clark WKXQ air check Summer 1982

Eric Clark WRNC air check Summer 1983

Rick Freeman WFRC mid-1970s

Jack Freeman WFRC air check 1966

Dave Compton's CD intro Reidsville radio

WFRC Audio Montage
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