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The house at 113 North Pierce Street in Eden where many of you worked at WCBX was demolished in July (2015). The property was purchased by Central Christian Church next door, and apparently will be used for parking.  The building was most recently used by the Genesis Medical Group.
Many thanks to Frank Dwyer, who spent a lot of time documenting  the demolition process. We appreciate your efforts, Frank!

WCBX exteriror circa 1974 (courtesy of Rick Freeman)  
WCBX at night     (courtesy of Rick Freeman)

The following pictures are the ones taken by Frank Dwyer.

picture 1    the process begins on the north end of the building
picture 2    from the north where the studios were
picture 3    from north different angle
picture 4    from the back parking lot
picture 5    back of the building with manager's office on the right and wall removed
picture 6    big office with wall and glass removed
picture 7    manager's office with (dark) door leading to private bath
picture 8    midway through the demolition looking from the north
picture 9    looking south southwest toward the church
picture 10  another view toward the church
picture 11  wide angle across the street
picture 12  finished

Martin Rudisill
was Music Director at WCBX from 1976 to 1980 and had the opportunity to meet Kenny Rogers and Dottie West at a show in the Greensboro Coliseum March 10, 1979.

Here's a picture of Martin, Assistant Vice President of the Bank of Eden Mark Hopkins and WCBX Operations Manager Mike Moore in 1979. The picture was taken in the bank's vault coinciding with the new release of "Words" by Susie Allanson. The record was kept there until it was released nationally.
The pictures of Kenny and Dolly and the bank vault may take a few seconds to load.

Thanks to Martin for sending us his material.

Frank Dwyer's WCBX collection

Where 1130 is today

WCBX group together again

WCBX Rock-a-Thon for the Heart Fund 1977 in front of Heilig-Myers at Meadow Greens Shopping Center Eden
(Pictured are Mike Moore, Eden Mayor Jones Norman, WCBX Sales Manager Irv Devore, and WCBX Station Manager Bea Childers 
and Danny Freisland.

WCBX basketball team 
(Bob Green,Ray Childers, Bea Childers and Larry Allen with photo courtesy of Bea Childers)

WCBX bookkeeper Doris Harrison circa 1971 (photo courtesy of Claudia Hundley) 

WCBX original Kings Highway location as it looks in 2012

WCBX Tower Site

WCBX Reunion March 30, 2012

WCBX...the beginning years on Kings Highway 1971-1972

WCBX studios Pierce Street across from Morehead High School
WCBX at night Pierce Street  (photo courtesy of Rick Freeman)

Dennis Elliott in the WCBX production room   (photo courtesy of Rick Freeman)
Rick Freeman at WCBX 1974  (photo courtesy of Rick Freeman)
Doug Rorrer in the WCBX control room  (photo courtesy of Rick Freeman)

Barry Michaels at WCBX circa 1974 (photo courtesy of Barry Michaels)

Vintage WCBX   courtesy of Rick Freeman including Dennis Elliott, Doug Rorrer,Jeff Eanes and Rick

Jeffery Fain WCBX Music Director 1977

Jeffery Fain  1980

WCBX fire December 8, 1980     

Art Bell worked at WCBX in 1973 before his nationwide talk show; here he is in a much later picture (courtesy Frank Dwyer) 

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