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WCBX Miscellaneous

From MIKE MOORE'S days at WCBX:
The first two were scanned from the Greensboro Daily News Rockingham Leader dated July 7th, 1983. The first one details Mike's early days in broadcasting at WSAT in Salisbury (MIKE article 1). The next one tells about his daily 9AM talk show on WCBX.  (MIKE article 2
WCBX RATE CARD January 1980
WCBX newspaper ad for "The Good Guys"  date to be determined
WCBX bumper sticker (sample 1)
WCBX bumper sticker (sample 2)

WCBX Eden News ad August 12, 1970 

WCBX newspaper ad circa 1972

WCBX employee handbook page 1
WCBX rate card #1
WCBX rate card #2
WCBX rate card fold
WCBX coverage map
WCBX Joe Zanetti business card

WCBX patch
WCBX envelope
WCBX letterhead
WCBX staff license plate
Top 30 Tune-Dex  August 13, 1972

WCBX frequency information

Jeffery Fain in the June 1979 issue of North Carolina Wildlife
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