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WCBX TED NELSON newscast from February 16, 1978. Ted had attended the Reidsville City Council meeting that morning, and his report includes an actuality of Charles Travis objecting to a Reidsville zoning change. Martin Rudisill provides the tag on an insurance spot. Irv Devore is on a savings and loan ad. It's a complete newscast with many sound bites. Allow a few seconds for the file to begin.

WCBX jingles 1
WCBX jingles 2
WCBX jingles 3

WCBX Bob Crews jingle a capella

WCBX aircheck Cj "Doc" Holliday January 1973
WCBX production samples Cj "Doc" Holliday

WCBX Rick Freeman air check circa 1974 
WCBX Rick Freeman air check Fall 1975
WCBX Eric Clark  air check  Summer 1977
H and H Food Store commercials  1971

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