Mid Carolina Radio


WCBX...the beginning years 1971-1972 

WCBX began broadcasting on August 16th, 1970 at 1130kc with a power of 1000 watts daytime. The original offices and studios were in a building on Kings Highway shared with Wall Realty. Radio Eden was owned by Ray and Bertha Childers, and Paul Allen was the station’s first Program Director. Its basically Top Forty format was known as  the “All America Sound.”  Other announcers who worked there through the years include Bob Fahnrich, Bob Crews, Jim Conklin, Carl “Doc” Holliday, Frank Dwyer, Rick Freeman, Dennis Elliott,  Eric Clark. and Doug Rorrer.


By 1974, the station had relocated  into a house on Pierce Street across from Morehead High School. A Few years later, new management decided to change the format to country and a number of staff members were dismissed. Today (2011), the call letters WCBX are licensed to a Contemporary Christian station in  Bassett, Virginia, that serves Martinsville and Henry County. The 1130 frequency is occupied by WCLW, a religious broadcasting facility.

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(photo courtesy of Rick Freeman) 
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