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WBBB Pictures

Here are a number of pictures sent to us by Martin Rudisill, who was hired by Bob Ray in 1967 when Martin returned from service in Viet Nam. He worked with Easy Jones, Olin Campbell, Minnie Canada, Jim Isley and Glenn Thompson until 1971. He returned to WBBB/WPCM in 1980 with Buddy Poole, Byron Tucker, Jamie Workman, Buddy Michaels, Bill Huff and others.

Martin had a birthday party on the air one year. Here he's opening a present. This picture includes Olin Campbell (with his pipe) and Larry Ingold. We're not sure who the ladies are, but would like to hear from you if you can identify them. Here's another angle that includes Minnie Canada (on the right at the window).

Here's Martin at a remote for the Goodyear Store at Cum Park Plaza.

Martin also worked with Jack Cockman and Jack Russell.

WBBB South Main location 1950s (courtesy of Don Bolden)
Parade on South Main 1955  (courtesy Don Bolden) 
Kirk Puckett and Dave Wright  broadcasting Williams High football game 1992  (photo courtesy of Kirk Puckett)

Ted Nelson at the WBBB Alamance Hotel studios June 16, 1972   (picture courtesy of Ted Nelson)

Glenn Thompson and the Dixie Playboys         

J.J. Steele (Dave Shropshire) Diabetes Association Bike-a-Thon circa 1976  

WBBB 1976 Pacer Giveaway   J.J. (Dave) mornings, Charlie 10-12, PD Mike 12-3 and Wilson 3 until sign off
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