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In March of 1972, Ted Nelson had the opportunity to interview ABC Science Editor Jules Bergman for WBBB. Bergman's comments made over 40 years ago about the environment are fascinating to hear after all these years.

Veteran Alamance County broadcaster Olin Campbell, still active today (August 2015) at age 80 on WBAG in Burlington, hosted a talk show on WBBB in the early 70s. Here's an excerpt from Ted Nelson's collection going back to March 1972.

Ted also provided us with an audio clip of WBBB's Pat Bailey talking with then Alamance County Clerk of Superior Court Wiley Wooten, who was resigning to accept a position with the Vernon Law Group in Burlington. The recording is from March 1972.

And this 1972 audio clip of Pat Bailey interviewing Sertoma Club member Jerry Bumgardner about the layout of the amateur hydro boat track at Lake Burlington. The audio quality is muddy, but we wanted to post it for its historical value.  Thanks to Ted Nelson for sending it to us.

On this 1972 TED NELSON air check
, Ted did some deejay work as well as his usual newscasts. Olin Campbell does the K-Mart spot and Lillian Jordan (Terrell) does the F and H TV and Appliance store commercial. Lillian, who formerly worked at WPET in Greensboro, was the first female to be a full-time announcer at WBBB. Pat Bailey did news, Fran Campbell did a program with Olin, and Minnie Canada did a program with GM Bob Ray, but Lillian had the first deejay show. 

WBBB GM BOB RAY was known for his mostly conservative editorials in the 12:30 news block,  but this 1973 cut is about a couple's 73rd wedding anniversary.

WBBB TED NELSON 1973   This newscast from January 8, 1973 was done on a snowy day with school closings and a snow-related fatality.
Olin Campbell was Program Director and did the news intro. Ted told me he wasn't sure who did one of the commercials, but he was on the sales staff.

Dave Wright produced these vignettes in 1991 celebrating the 50th anniversary of WBBB. The audio files were contributed by Larry Ingold.

WBBB 1991 #1 
WBBB 1991 #2
WBBB 1991 #3

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