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WBAG studio locations

Studios for WFNS from 1947 to 1951 were located upstairs beside the State Theater on Andrews Street.  If you have a picture of that buiilding, please CONTACT US.

In 1951, WFNS moved to the second floor of the Patterson Building at the corner of Maple and Broad (left). The call letters became WBAG in 1964, and the station debuted its Top 40 format a year later. The Maple Avenue entrance to the stairs is at the far left.  The bus station and Stavros Grill (formerly Pete's Hot Spot) were next door.

By 1974, WBAG had relocated to a new building at 939 South Main and the corner of Kime Street (below). It was here that the emphasis shifted from "The Big 1150" to "Stereo 94" as FM became the prime outlet for music formatted stations. 

Falcon Communications established WBAG-AM in Burlington Executive Plaza on North Mebane Street  in 1983. If you have a picture of that building, please CONTACT US.

Both photos on this page are courtesy of Kirk Puckett.

Here's WBAG today.
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