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WBAG goes Top 40...1965

At the urging of owner Shookie Neese and Commercial Manager Phil Eakin, WBAG made the move from block programming to full-time Top 40  in May 1965. 
Before the change, all of the announcers essentially played whatever they wanted to hear;  it may have been Top 40, Country or Big Band, depending on who was on the air.


Program Director Bill Diffee visited Tommy Walker at WKIX in Raleigh to discuss the new format. The change was kicked off with the debut of a jingle package that some of the major market stations had used a couple of years before, and it took Alamance County by storm. It was the PAMS Happy Difference series (WBAG Audio) that featured kids singing the jingles. The company flew Bill Diffee to Dallas to sit in on the recording session at PAMS.  Jim Conklin told me that everywhere he went, people asked him about those little girls.


The air staff at the time of the format change included Braudie Fitch, Bill Diffee, Jim Conklin and Tom Miller. The move to full-time Top 40 was embraced by the station’s listeners, and was the beginning of a run of popularity for WBAG that lasted for many years.


Bob Crews

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