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"It's 8:13, time for Down Home with Bob and Bob on WBAG."  "Down Home" with Bob Crews and Robert Tucker aired at 8:13 weekdays mornings from 1973 to 1979.

Chip McCraw's mom Betty did charcoal drawings of WBAG staff members in  1977. They were framed and put on the hallway wall at WBAG's South Main Street location. Bob Crews located and scanned his when packing to move from Florida back to North Carolina. You can see the caricatures Betty did,too.

Chip Chase (McCraw) was on the air when we learned that Elvis had died. Here's the AP bulletin.

Kirk Puckett
 1980  challenges the Burlington Times News Sports Department in football picks

WBAG News promotional piece 1983 with Bill Henderson, Mike Thompson and Kirk Puckett

In 1981, Ted Baxter (Ted Knight, who worked at WFNS in the 50s) wore an Elon shirt on the Mary Tyler Moore tv show. Here's the story and picture of the shirts being worn by Bill Diffee, Kirk Puckett and Bob Crews

WBAG did a Skate-a-Thon for Easter Seals in 1982. It was reported to Radio and Records with a picture of Kirk Puckett and Chip Chase (McCraw).

Bob Fahnrich Marathon
 for Bill Gentry September 1967 
Jimmy Dean Marathon for New Directions 1973

Publicity for the website, thanks to a suggestion by Ted Nelson to Executive Editor Madison Taylor of the Burlington Times News. The article written by Steve Huffman was in the May 10th, 2014 edition.     Article pt 1    Article pt 2

  June 1977

WBAG-AM Caricatures

WBAG bumper sticker

July 13, 1945 Times-News story charter for new radio station filed 
August 13, 1946  Times-News story conditional charter
February 22, 1947  Times-News advertisement for the new  WFNS 
February 22,1947  Times-News welcome ads for WFNS
WBAG production guidelines for recording to carts
WBAG/WQRB sign on and sign off copy edits
WBAG promo copy
WBAG audience survey conducted locally 1979 page 1
WBAG audience survey page 2
WBAG audience survey page 3
WBAG envelope

WFNS in the 40s and 50s

WFNS (WBAG) original incorporation and stock certificates
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