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Mike Jackson hosted WBAG's Top 94 Songs of 1982 and sent us some audio. Here's the unedited file covering the top six songs.

WBAG Bob Crews 20th Anniversary Show Roast from July 6, 1979      Roast pt 1     Roast pt 2

Jack Starnes WQRB newscast 8-13-79
Rich King air check

John Kittenger audio clip January 1970

WBAG PAMS 25B highlights
WBAG PAMS 29 highlights   (with some 26 and 28)
WBAG WLS 71 highlights  (with some 30)
WBAG PAMS Shout Bob Crews

(preceding group of jingles courtesy of Mike "Moose" Smith)

Paul Allen  
aircheck 8-16-79

Chip Chase (McCraw) aircheck 9-26-79

Chip  gets a phone call  10-79

WBAG-FM legal id   William Allsbaugh  1979


WBAG Happy Difference Kids jingle package 1965

WQRB Rick Freeman air check 1981

Mike Jackson's tribute to Paul Allen
(jingles courtesy of Gailes Stuckey  WBAG-AM) 
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