Mid Carolina Radio

Two-County Veterans

These broadcasters worked in both Alamance and Rockingham Counties. If you know of others or have additions or corrections, please CONTACT us.

Bill Diffee                WFNS/WBAG  WSML  WQWX  WFRC
Bob Crews              WBAG WBBB  WCBX  WRNC
Bob Fahnrich          WBAG WSML  WCBX  WFRC  WLOE
Dave Wright            WBAG WBBB  WSML  WQWX WRNC
Dean Thompson     WBAG WBBB  WSML  WQWX  WFRC
Jim Conklin             WBAG WCBX WFRC  WLOE
John Brockwell       WPCM WBAG WRNC
Larry Allen              WBAG WCBX
Mark Hall                WQRB/WBAG WLOE
Martin Rudisell       WPCM WCBX
Pat Bell                   WBAG WREV
Paul Allen               WBAG WCBX
Rick Freeman         WQRB WCBX WFRC

There are 13 of us that I know of. Please CONTACT US with any additional information.
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